Max 6 People per Reservation

Need to release some stress pronto? Take 5 minutes to smash your stress into a million tiny pieces! Grab your tool of choice and completely obliterate the items in your designated breakroom. 

$25 Per Person

In this session, you have 10 minutes and your choice of 2 tools to smash your little squishy heart out.

$40 Per Person

For the people wanting to achieve full zen; this 20 minute session is for you! Take 2 tools and your full focus into your 20 minute deep meditation annihilation. 

$65 Per Person

Tired of the old dinner and a movie date night? Grab your favorite guy or gal and have a wholesomely good time smashing and breaking items together. This 10 minute session is sure to bring you closer together!

$75 Per Couple

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The Main Breakroom is designed for maximum stress relief, where up to six participants destroy electronics, furniture, and glass for up to 20 minutes using tools like hammers, baseball bats, and crowbars!

Max 4 People per Reservation

No hammers or bats here! The Throwing Room is designed to get the stress out by hurling glass at a wall filled with pictures, mirrors, clocks, and other wall art. 15 glass items come per crate, purchase as many crates as you want and smash away!

Whether you are celebrating or commiserating grab a crate of 15 glass items and throw that shit like you are at a Greek wedding! 

$15 = One Crate

Ever felt like throwing your drink in someone's face? Grab a crate of 30 items and come throw the glass instead!

$30 = Two Crates

Before you go shaving your head, come and grab a crate of 45 glass items to relieve your stress.

$45 = Three Crates

Have your own box of smashables? $20 gets you 25 minutes to trash your stuff in our throwing room, Items must be approved by staff prior to throwing. (i.e. No Propane Tanks... Seriously.)

$20 Per Person

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Wanna do it all?  This package deal includes 5 minutes of getting smash happy in the Main Breakroom, plus a crate of 15 items in the Throwing Room to fully satisfy your appetite for destruction. 


$55 Per Couple

Do you like throwing darts? What about throwing axes?  If you said yes to either, we have a treat for you! $25 a Person gets you 30 minutes of our new game, Tomahawk Darts!  Up to 4 People can attend per 30 minutes, whoever has the most points at the end of the session gets to have all the bragging rights!

$25 Per Person (1/2 Hour)

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